Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Today I dropped off two more resumes to 2 different companies that deal mostly with what I was doing with Apple. So hopefully I will receive word on that soon and have some good news to report. I finally got the results of my appeal at Apple last night. I didn't win it. Oh well. Hopefully there is something so much greater out there for me that can get me on the road to getting out of debt and on the right track to becoming a wedding photographer sooner. We shall see. However Whitney once again has taken some steps of her own by picking up some more overtime shifts at work. This was definitely a God thing because two of her coworkers had to quit unexpectedly and so they are offering what is called ESSI pay which is $20 dollars extra an hour on top of her current hourly pay. This came at the same time where we finally sat down and worked out a budget we think will work for us to get out of debt by June or July.

Sitting here thinking about it I really cannot imagine a life being out of debt. Conceptualizing not having to work for the creditors is about as cognitive as me learning advanced Japanese in the same period of time. It is sad that this is what it has come to but really this is it. So for those of you out there who are in the same boat, GET OUT NOW!

If you want some help on the subject check out Dave Ramsey and his Financial Peace University. He takes a whole different approach than I have ever heard and much like alot of things, it just MAKES SENSE. So if you are interested check him out here.

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Lilium Inter Spinas said...

I'm rooting for you! *crosses fingers* ;)