Thursday, March 20, 2008

Looking Upward

It really has 2 different meanings: things are looking up around here and because of that I have to look upward because it is all His fault.

When I was poking around Craigslist last night and found this:

Looking for a fun part-time studio Manager. Ideal person would be great with clients, very organized, current on what is in style, can update the blog regularly, has an interest in photography, great with kids and has a strong work ethic. Strong photoshop skills are a big plus.

Brand new studio will not be finished till Mid-May but would like to start training the right person before the move in date.

A great part-time "stay at home mom" job.

So I of course immediately composed an email with my resume attached. I got an email back today:

Hey Aaron,

I got your email from my craigslist ad for a studio manager. I am pretty
sure that job is filled but I did want to see if you might be interested in
second shooting some weddings to get some experience. We are looking to
also ad an associate photographer in the near future but would like make
sure it is a fit and that they feel very comfortable working on their own
some day. Wedding are exciting but you have to be a certain type of person
to deal with everything that comes at you.

I am actually moving to a new studio space in Durham mid May.

Let me know if you are interested in meeting up next week.



I really don't have to type anymore considering the title of this entire blog. Here is his website!


Anonymous said...

That photography is amazing...I think it would be awesome to work with someone of that professional caliber. Wishing you luck!

Julie said...

Wow! This sounds amazing, Aaron! Bret and I are sending happy thoughts your way.

I'm glad you're back here writing again. Now if you could only convince your Whitney-wife to update her blog! :)

Annice said...

Great work.