Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Late night

It is amazing what the late night brings. Especially after a day like today. It was not particularly different. Whitney got me a new tv that we bought off of one of her nursing friends that was getting a new flat screen and sold it to us cheap. However I think that the drive there and the time spent was worth more than the television itself.

Though Whitney is picking up extra shifts so to get us out of debt faster, she allowed me to drag her out of bed to ride with me to Roxboro (30ish minutes away) just so I could spend some time with her...awake.

After that I met with friend and pastor Greg Moore to discuss some Audio/Video business for the church (if you didn't already know I am the lead for that at church) and to just catch up as he is always pulled every which way by those seeking to improve this baby church that has been planted in Brier Creek. For those of you who do not live here, Brier Creek is a brand new and booming subdivision in Raleigh and is in great need of churches to contrast all the commerce blooming there.

In my discussions with him, outside of business I rediscovered the power and absolute necessity of a person or group that holds you accountable for your actions and disciplines, or in my recent case, lack thereof. Not only in matters of character and health, but especially in matters of love and relationships not only with people, spouses, but most of all in matters of God and the relationship and constant building of relationship with him. Alongside that discussion I realized the fact that I really had not built strong relationships with guys around here that can hold me accountable and visa versa as I should have already.

So, all of this has got me thinking at what is now 4:11 in the morning when most everyone else is asleep. What am I doing to improve myself and my relationships with the people with which I have constant contact? What am I doing to improve my relationship with God as I seek to walk His path and not my own? Am I living according to His will and seeking that rather than my own? And one that Greg brought up today which hit me hard, "How are you loving your wife?"

I sit here thinking about it and it is a little depressing, a little encouraging, and gives me much hope for the future. What steps am I going to take? How am I going to play this? Can I commit? What happens now?


Whitney said...

i know you love me, no worries!

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